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Readers offer advice and warnings

Readers offer advice and warnings Q. Your column on “No services, no obituary,” struck a chord with me. I work for an heir search firm and I can’t tell you how much obituaries that are printed in papers or online help us find people. Just think of it, if a lawyer has...

No Services, No Obituary

No services, no obituary Q. A friend of mine passed away recently. It was unexpected and well before “his time.” He was married and had a daughter. His family told me he did not want any services or even an obituary. Since we were close and worked together, I have the...

Common Estate Planning Terms

The list below is a list of commonly used terms in estate planning for the State of California. Administrator - The person designated by the court to manage and distribute a probate estate when there isn't a will. If there is a will, the person so designated is called...

"I have never met with anyone with more determination and discipline for doing what is right by the client.”

- David Bell